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Krazy Klean Pro 2-Pack

Krazy Klean Pro 2-Pack

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Krazy Klean is an automated toilet bowl cleaner that prevents stains from dirty minerals.

It gives you freedom from scrubbing your toilet for the next 10 years.

Designed with chemical-free technology, it's kind to your toilet tank parts, your home, and our planet.

It's easy. Just drop Krazy Klean in your toilet tank and toss the unsightly scrub brush. You won’t be needing it anymore.

In fact, you won't need to buy a toilet brush, bleach, spray, and gloves ever again.

Our proprietary clean technology prevents stain-and odor-causing ick from ever occurring.

The best part? You’ll never again find yourself on the floor scrubbing away at pesky stains. Let’s face it: it’s gross, time-consuming, and full of headache-inducing fumes.


Krazy Klean FAQs


How does Krazy Klean work?

Krazy Klean’s Hydro-Mineral Magnet Technology deactivates the ability of minerals in water to stain or scale before they enter the tank and bowl keeping it stain and scale-free permanently. Just drop the capsule in the tank of you’re done!


How long will Krazy Klean keep my toilet clean?

Krazy Klean (regular) will keep you toilet clean for 10 years and our Krazy Klean mini will keep your toilet clean for 3 years.


Does Krazy Klean work in septic tanks?

Yes, Krazy Klean can also be used to keep your septic tank clean.


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, all orders ship for free via ground shipping (3-5 days). 


How quickly will my order ship?

Orders are processed and shipped out within 24 hours of placing your order.


What should I do if my item was damaged in transit?

In case of defect or breakage in transit, please email us at to ask for help. Krazy Klean will replace the item at no cost to you.


Can I return my order?

Yes, happiness is guaranteed! You can return your order for any reason.

To return your product, email us at


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Customer Reviews

Based on 890 reviews
Jimmy saxe (Cleveland, US)
Very happy

Our toilets would usually have scum ring or whatever ring you would want to call it from the wall water at least four days after cleaning no more ring marks toilets are way cleaner . Very Impressed it might be ordering some for my mom

Jay Sarah Shannon (Albuquerque, US)

It has knocked down the worst and kept usual at bay. I never expected 100%, but it is still better than I expected. Don't understand the reviews that complain about having to do touch-ups. Remember what it was like before???

Kathleen Copeland (Atlanta, US)
Great product

I absolutely love these… it took a week or so to start removing the stains and rings but it actually does what it’s suppose to do. Thank you thank thank you

Karen Oades (Woodland Hills, US)

Krazy Klean Pro (10-year warranty!)

Claire Watkins (Morrisville, US)
Great product, highly recommend!

I was sick of scrubbing toilets twice a week, especially those that are rarely used. Krazy Klean has been the best purchase ever! Highly recommend, worth the price!