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Very nice so far. placed in tank after cleaning lady was finished and no stains so far. this particular toilet has hard water and always had stains. So far so good. Clean white bowl.


I was skeptical about Krazy Klean Pro but I'm a believer now!! Even the toilet that had hard water stains has stayed Klean. I recommend this product.

Really impressed with product .. used in toilet that has alot of rust buildup due to well water & septic tank. Works amazing!

So Far So Good

after 3 weeks of putting the Krazy Klean Pro in my toilet tanks it seems to be working as stated. No spots or rings inside the toilet bowl so far. We have a household of 4, 2 adults and 2 young boys, so the toilets get used often. I can't wait to see after a month or two if its still clean. thanks!

Krazy Klean Pro (10-year warranty)


Hopeful but still a little skeptical. These are incredible and now buying more for family and friends.

I’ll be using them in about 60 days when my new home is finished being built.

2 Weeks in and working great.

Its been 2 weeks since I've cleaned the toilet bowl with the cleaner & Pumie stone and dropped Krazy Klean into the tank. So far its been great bc the bowl still looks like the day I clean them.

Krazy Klean Pro 3-Pack
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Really works well so far.

Awesome Cleaner

Well, I bought 2 Krazy Klean for both my bathrooms about a month ago and I must say these bowls stay absolutely clean! So far, sooo great! Now only 9 years and 11 months to go! Check back with me for a real feedback!

So far so good

So far it has been working great - had the product for two weeks

So nice for a clean throne

What a treat to have a clean toilet. We have a 3 potty home. One of them is never used but still has a massive ring. After only 2 weeks I could finally get rid of the ring. Thanks

Krazy Klean Really Works!

I’ve had Krazy Klean for a short time but it really seems to work on the build up of Calcium and Minerals that leave a ring.

Krazy Klean is amazing!

For years I have had to scrub my toilet with a pumice stone to take off hard water ring . No more Krazy Klean take care of thos mo scrubbing pumicing ever!

Pretty good

I bought two - we have three toilets. We have a really bad issue with IRON & the water is constantly yellow/orange regardless of how often we change the well filter. The one toilet that I didn't put a KK in - is definitely darker than the the two that I did put a KK in. Pretty happy with it, if not perfect.


Talk about worth the money. Krazy Klean. Is Krazy good. I've had mine for a month and half. Crystal clean. Thanks Krazy Klean love your product.

We have very hard water. So far, so good

Seems to clean well, but no blue color 😕

Krazy Klean seems to clean well, but has no blue color and no clean/fresh scent. We'll continue to monitor the cleanliness.

Just installed 3 weeks ago and haven’t hat to clean my toilet since!

It works... well enough

It is my impression that it does keep the toilet cleaner for longer

Shared with friends

I bought 4 and gave on to three other people. My toilet is great. Have not had to clean it. My daughter is amazed. Went to do her regular cleaning and was surprised she didn’t need to! My sister claims she still gets a ring. Thinks it may be her soft water? And the fourth person has not given me results yet. So far, 2/3 are happy with Krazy Klean! The testing continues…..I anticipate a fourth positive 🤞

So far, so good!

The stains that usually start forming after we have cleaned the toilet have not reappeared and the bowl is still sparkling after 3 weeks! I am excited to recommend this product.....just hope this lasts as promised!!

Best cleaner

Working great

Krazy Klean Pro (10-year warranty)


I was very skeptical at first but the hard water ring in my toilet bowl drove me nuts. I decided to give to give this product a try. it was so very simple to drop into the tank and just wait. with in days I noticed a less noticeable ring. The bowl is sparkling now. Whether or not it will last 10 years is yet to be seen. I am thrilled with the results for now.