First, we got rid of the toilet brush.

We invented Krazy Klean, the chemical-free water treatment that makes it so you don't need to scrub your toilet for the next 10 years.

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Then, we got rid of the plunger.

We created Walla, the uncloggable bamboo toilet paper. Use as much as you want and it will not clog, plus it's sustainable and comes from 100% bamboo.

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Now, we're working on our newest innovation...

Why Choose Krazy Klean?

No Scrubbing

Krazy Klean does the work for you. Go ahead. Toss out the scrub brush. You won’t be needing it anymore.

No Chemicals

Proprietary tech destroys stains & mildew, not your toilet tank parts. Safe for your family and the planet.

No Refills

Unlike other toilet bowl cleaners, you won’t need to frequently purchase additional units.