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Krazy Klean Pro

Krazy Klean Pro

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Krazy Klean is an automated toilet bowl cleaner that prevents stains from dirty minerals.

Designed with chemical-free technology to be kind to your toilet tank parts, your home, and our planet. Just drop the Krazy Klean in a corner of your toilet tank and toss the unsightly scrub brush. You won’t be needing it anymore.

With Krazy Klean, you eliminate the need to buy a toilet brush, bleach, spray, and gloves ever again.

The best part? You’ll never again find yourself on the floor scrubbing away at pesky stains. Let’s face it: it’s gross, time-consuming, and full of headache-inducing fumes.

Our proprietary clean technology prevents stain- and odor-causing ick from ever occurring so you never have to scrub your toilet again.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 749 reviews
George Schweitzer (Eugene, US)
Product use

Krazy Klean seems to be working as advertised

Mefi faupula (Ontario, US)

the best

Chad Langer (Saint Paul, US)
Works Great! As Advertised!

Started working right away. Been using for 2 months, haven’t scrubbed a toilet yet.

Bobby Pachaun (Reston, US)

great product

Katie Richardson (Hopkinsville, US)
Almost perfection

2 of our 3 toilets are doing great with the Krazy Klean. Unfortunately our master toilet now has weird blue/grey stains at the bottom of the bowl. Also, be careful where you place the Krazy Klean in your toilet tank, it can fall over and keep the flap from closing if you have a smaller tank.