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Put it in the back of your toilet tank. It's that easy!

Susan McCloud

DO NOT SKIP THIS! It quite literally saved our home from irreversible plumbing damage. The fact that it keeps my toilets clean is just a bonus. Honestly, I wish we got it way sooner!





It's So Simple!

And then you just forget about it.


Just drop Krazy Klean in the back of your toilet tank. That's literally it.


Minerals won't stick, so they just rinse away, leaving your toilet sparkling.


Scrubbing your toilet is a thing of the past. Save your pipes, and your time.

Why Do Microbiologists Love It?

🚨 Fact: Bacteria, fungus, and viruses live in your home!!

Water stains, scale, and rust create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. These environments offer the nutrients and shelter that pathogens need to multiply, making bathroom fixtures potential hotspots for microbial growth.

Krazy Klean prevents these deposits from sticking, killing the habitat where diseases thrive. For microbiologists, this is invaluable.

Having Krazy Klean in your toilet is one of the most important decisions you can make for you and your family. Just put it in the back of your toilet tank, and reduce the potential that bacteria and viruses are living in your toilets.

It's so incredibly simple to use, and for good reason.

Keeping one in each toilet of your house is vital. It's a one time purchase that keeps your family and septic systems safe for a decade.

610,000+ Customers Prefer Krazy Klean

Krazy Klean has over 610,000 happy customers with an average review of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Many Microbiologists approve of Krazy Klean. See what some people are saying:

"I wish I had known about this sooner, it would have saved us quite a bit in damages. We had a plumbing issue that took some time to get under control. Krazy Klean would have prevented it entrirely."

"I wish every family had one of these in their home. It would save so much money."

What Customers Are Saying...


Krazy Klean has been in place for only a week and the change is amazing. We have hard well water and nothing else has worked. Clean isn't the issue. Hard water staining is. Even the tanks were solid brown and encrusted. Not anymore!


I'm impressed that the bowls are spotless. Water sitting in toilet bowl is clear and clean, even after days of not flushing. I'll be buying more of these to give as gifts....when you live in a small town and your water is from a community well, this is a GIFT!


For anyone with hard well water like me, Krazy Klean is a game changer. Don't take clear pipes for granted. I wish I had discovered it sooner - could have saved thousands in repairs.

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