• How do I use the Krazy Klean?

    Remove any chemical cleaner from the toilet tank. Flush out any chemical cleaner form the bowl. Place drop the Krazy Klean in a corner of the toilet tank. That’s it.

  • How does Krazy Klean Work?

    Krazy Klean uses two towers of Hydro-Mineral Magnets. The magnetic field affects the outer electron rings of the minerals in the water, permanently disabling their ability to scale or stain the toilet.

  • Is Krazy Klean good for toilet tank parts?

    Since Krazy Klean does not use any chemical the product has the effect to extend the life of the parts of the toilet tank. How long will Krazy Klean last?

  • How long will Krazy Klean last?

    The Krazy Klean has a lifespan of 10+ years. The Krazy Klean Pro will last a lifetime.

  • What is Krazy Klean made of?

    Krazy Klean is made of recycled resins that are infused with Bact-O-Bane anti-microbial that encapsulates two towers of Long-Life Hydro-Mineral Magnets.

  • Can I convert to a Lifetime Warranty?

    The Krazy Klean is guaranteed for 10+ years. You can upgrade to a Krazy Klean Pro that comes with the Lifetime Warranty. The Krazy Klean Pro comes with additional Hydro-Mineral Magnet Booster.

  • Is Krazy Klean patented?

    The Krazy Klean was originally patented as ToiletClean in 1995. The next generation Krazy Klean is currently patent pending.