I Had Embarrassing Toilet Stains. Now I Don't.

A simple product revolutionized my cleaning routine.

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By Adam Lily


No, those aren’t poop rings. The gross rings in your toilet are the result of limescale from mineral build up in your water. 

Once upon a time, my bathroom was like an unwelcome art exhibition: streaks, stains, and marks all over the porcelain canvas of my toilet.

They were due to hard water, mineral build-up, and perhaps a hint of neglect.

Embarrassment was an understatement; I was scared to even have guests over.

But now, my toilet is as pristine as a showroom display, and the journey from then to now was surprisingly simple.

The Awakening

The realization hit me during a routine cleaning session.

No matter how much I scrubbed, those stubborn stains mocked me, impervious to my efforts.

It wasn't just about appearances; it was about hygiene, home pride, and frankly, sanity.

I decided more cleaning wasn't the answer. There had to be a product out there that could help.

The quest for a solution became my mission.

I was desperate to throw out my toilets scrub brush...

Understanding the Enemy

The first step was understanding what I was dealing with.

Hard water stains, resulting from high mineral content in water, were the primary culprits.

These minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium, deposit over time, leaving those unsightly marks.

Add to this the occasional rust from old pipes, and the situation was clear: I was battling more than just surface dirt.

The Arsenal of Solutions

Armed with this knowledge, I turned to an arsenal of solutions.

Harsh chemicals promised quick fixes but at the cost of my health and the environment.

That route was a non-starter.

Instead, I sought out eco-friendly alternatives and home remedies, which led me to two game-changers: vinegar and baking soda.

But, it didn't work very well and also required weekly cleanings.

That's when a friend told me about Krazy Klean.

It's a device that goes in your toilet tanks and prevents stains from forming in the first place.

It sounded too good to be true, but my friend raved about it.

So, I ordered it online and a week later, it was delivered.

I followed the "instructions," which were pretty much just "drop it in the tank."

And the results...

The Turning Point


I was in shock when after 2 weeks, my toilet bowl barely had any marks on it at all.

I cleaned it again and I kid you not, I haven't cleaned it since.

That was 3 MONTHS AGO!

This isn't a "subscription product."

You don't need to buy 1 every 3 months.

You just buy 1 for each toilet and then you're done!

It literally lasts for 10 years and reduces or eliminates the need for toilet cleaning.

You would need to be crazy not to get one!

A New Dawn

Today, my toilet and I are in a much better place.

The stains that once marred its surface are a distant memory, and the embarrassment that once filled me has been replaced with a sense of achievement.

This journey taught me the power of understanding, the importance of persistence, and the value of eco-friendly solutions.

In the end, the transformation of my toilet became more than just a cleaning victory; it was a testament to the fact that with a bit of knowledge and the right tools, no challenge is too daunting.

Now, when guests use my bathroom, I don't cringe with embarrassment; I beam with pride.

And that’s why I tell everyone I can about Krazy Klean.

I joined online homeowner forums to share our journey and spread the word about Krazy Klean. No one should have to deal with unsightly toilets nor endless cleanings.

We were cleaning multiple times per week for years before we found a solution.

See Krazy Klean in action:

Whenever I remember Krazy Klean in in our tank, I think: Gosh, how did we live half our life without it… it would’ve made such a difference.

This isn't one of those toxic chemical cleaners that are bad for the environment, poisonous to pets, and not even really that effective.

It's a simple capsule that you simply put in the back of your toilet tank.

It's designed to work on all types septic systems.

And the best part is, it lasts for up to 10 years.

It eliminates the need to scrub after just a few weeks - nearly RIGHT AWAY…

Instead of scrubbing 2 x WEEK.

It’s better to have the Krazy Klean and prevent having to scrub altogether.

That’s why I now keep a Krazy Klean in every toilet of the house.

I even got one for the office!

And so did most (if not all) of my friends and acquaintances, after seeing what happened to me.

And that gives me peace of mind.

See, all it takes to potentially save thousands of dollars and months of headache…

Is Krazy Klean.

That’s why I’m writing this, that’s why you’re reading this…

So that you can get the benefit of Krazy Klean and spread the word about it too.

My advice? Don't waste as much time as I did.

Quit telling yourself you have to spend so much time cleaning…

And make a real-world move to ensure that you can cut back on one of your least favorite chorse.

Get the Krazy Klean for up to 35% OFF. And show your family and friends how to use it.

It's way cheaper than the cost of 10 years of chemical toilet cleaners.

Thank you for reading my story!

Claim some of your cleaning time back,

- Adam Lily

You won't regret it.

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