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Krazy Klean Mini 2-Pack (3-year warranty)

Krazy Klean Mini 2-Pack (3-year warranty)

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Small but mighty, Krazy Klean Mini keeps you from having to scrub your toilet for the next 3 years. Designed with chemical-free technology to be kind to your toilet tank parts, your home, and our planet.

Just drop the Krazy Klean in a corner of your toilet tank and toss the unsightly scrub brush. You won’t be needing it anymore.

With Krazy Klean, you eliminate the need to buy a toilet brush, bleach, spray, and gloves ever again.

The best part? You’ll never again find yourself on the floor scrubbing away at pesky stains. Let’s face it: it’s gross, time-consuming, and full of headache-inducing fumes.

Our proprietary clean technology prevents stain- and odor-causing ick from ever occurring so you never have to scrub your toilet, as long as a Krazy Klean is in your tank.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Sandra Gleason (San Jose, US)

Krazy Klean Mini 2-Pack (3-year warranty)

Robert Shepherd (Columbus, US)
Surprisingly works

Well water and constant cleaning stains in toilets. After3 weeks only light brushing and much improvement.

Kathryn James (Mooresville, US)
It works!

I’ve only had these for a couple months but have not needed to clean my toilet bowls since I dropped these fabulous cleaners in the tanks.

Cynthia Myers (Cave Creek, US)

Krazy Klean Mini 2-Pack (3-year warranty)

karen Bradbury (San José del Cabo, MX)
Krazy Klean is great

Great follow up service. I have them in 6 toilets now.